BodySong: October 8th, 2023, Mt. Tremper, NY

A nourishing day of yoga, sound bath meditations and an exquisite multi-course plant-based food ceremony at Matagiri Sri Aurobindo retreat center in the Catskill mountains. 



Awaken sensory exploration and deep awareness through sound vibrations, meditations, movement and mindful eating. We will explore both sound and silence as we gather together as an intentional community for a day to support each individual’s unique journey inward. We suggest participants come with a journal, water bottle and blanket. 



9:45-10:00: Arrival

10-10:30 Tea ceremony and introductions

10:30-12:30: Yoga, meditation and toning

12:30-2:30: Three-course silent meal ritual

2:30-3:30: Deep listening sound walk 

3:30-4:30: Sound Bath meditation

4:30-5:00: Gathering circle for final reflections


A note from chef Lauren Tanchum:

All items on our menus are plant-based (vegan). We prepare all our meals in house, without preservatives using raw ingredients. We source all peak seasonal ingredients from local organic farms with adequate climate control factors in place.



Matagiri, located in Mt. Tremper, NY, is a place of solace for seekers to rest in beauty and serenity and to make inner progress. Matagiri collaborates with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville through the distribution of books, hosting visitors and educating through workshops and cultural events. Our retreat center land stewards Julian and Wendy and their sweet dog Radha live, teach and practice on this sacred piece of land that includes walking trails, a sanctuary, library and shop.