Student Testimonials

Private Clients

I have been studying privately with Lea for over a year and the experience has been transformational. Lea makes careful and precise adjustments so that the yoga is fully aligned to my current body and my personal goals. Through Lea’s skillful sequencing, I’ve improved my balance, flexibility, alignment, and core strength. As a result of our weekly practice, my back pain has been eliminated and I am moving and standing with ease and strength. If you are serious about incorporating yoga into your life, you will find a way with Lea.” – Janice N.


“I have been studying with Lea for several years and have always looked forward to our weekly sessions. Lea challenges me to improve a little bit every week, and thanks to her skillful and kind guidance I have emerged from a moment where I had a broken and dislocated shoulder to a place where I can now achieve a full complement of poses with an ambition to try new poses I never thought I’d be able to contemplate. Lea is a careful and thoughtful teacher, always sensitive to her student’s abilities. Such a joy to work with!”  -Louise G


Group Classes (All Levels)

“Yoga with Lea has changed my world. Every single class is a joyful experience, where Lea offers careful and personalized adjustment in a serene environment filled with positive energy. I had major back problems coming into the class and was amazed at how fast that was reversed, and how the pain never came back afterwards. Lea is not only a highly knowledgeable and experienced instructor, she also has a warm and kind personality that shines through and lights up the room.” –Svetlana S.


“I started taking Lea’s Gentle Yoga classes during the pandemic and the classes were a real lifesaver for me.  It was a great place to unwind after very stressful workdays.  Lea is a great teacher providing a nice balance with showing you the pose and giving you direction on wherever your body is at on that day. Highly recommend any of her classes.” -Christine S.


“I look forward to practicing gentle yoga with Lea Bender. Her classes are inspiring, informative and they center my soul while reminding me to listen to by body.”  -Kim B.


“ I absolutely love doing yoga with Lea! She is so knowledgeable and experienced, and yet, she approaches yoga with an open mind and sense of curiosity. It creates such a welcoming environment for folks of all levels.”  – Xena B.


“Lea is a wonderful, patient yoga teacher. She has the ability to make anyone- from a newcomer to a seasoned yoga practitioner- feel welcome in her classes.  Lea always provides many thoughtful modifications that make it possible to participate in her classes.  Most importantly, Lea has a kind and an encouraging manner.  Lea has made it possible for me to enjoy yoga.” –Jeremy C


“Lea’s classes are well-crafted, rooted in a strong knowledge of anatomy, and fun!  She is precise in her instructions yet warm and open in her manner.   I always feel better at the end of her classes than I did before I went in.” -Christine G.


“I am so grateful to have found Lea many years ago. Even though I had taken many yoga classes prior to my first class with Lea, I remember this one being different and connecting with the practice more. Her instruction, patience, knowledge and presence have kept me coming back to the practice over and over.”  -Caroline N.


“Lea is a kind and gentle yoga instructor. I am 75 years old with a rather creaky body. She teaches with patience, warmth, clarity and acceptance. She is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. I look forward to her classes each week, which is unusual for me as I have resistance and judgments about the limitations of my body. I could not recommend Lea more highly!” –Tasha P


“Lea is a patient, and thoughtful teacher. She gives detailed, often individualized instructions and is great at adjusting poses and practices for different skill levels and abilities. After a year of classes with her, I have made more progress than ever before and have taken on new challenges I never would have thought myself capable of. I never thought I would be that person who looks forward to yoga every week, but now I am.” –Jackie K


Chair Yoga

“The chair yoga class has been a wonderful addition to my week. As a senior with several body parts that no longer work the way they used to, I find this class to be an excellent way to move and stretch and do what I can do. Lea leads each exercise with suggestions for participating at the level that works for you.  Some of the routines are sitting and some are standing, but the chair is always there for security and balance, if needed.  I find participating in this class before my weekly poker game has improved my concentration and focus as well as my balance and flexibility.” -Andi P.


“I have loved taking Lea Bender’s Zoom Chair Yoga class this past year.  It is a low-key class in which she enables you to feel comfortable at whatever level you can perform.  The class offers a variety of poses and breathing techniques, along with stress-reducing activities such as gentle hand and jaw massages which we can perform on our own outside of class.  I feel invigorated after the hour is over and definitely think it’s time well spent!” -Hester L.