Privates & Semi-privates

Private or semi-private sessions are a great way to safely begin or advance your yoga practice and/or to recover from injury, childbirth or surgery.


I have been studying privately with Lea for over a year and the experience has been transformational. Her knowledge and clarity with asana and pranayama combined with her focused and supportive approach, allows me to learn and apply the nuance of every pose in a way that is most beneficial to my body. Lea makes careful and precise adjustments so that the yoga is fully aligned to my current body and my personal goals. Through Lea’s skillful sequencing, I’ve improved my balance, flexibility, alignment, and core strength. As a result of our weekly practice, my back pain has been eliminated and I am moving and standing with ease and strength. If you are serious about incorporating yoga into your life, you will find a way with Lea.  —Janice N.


In private sessions I take a close look at your form and alignment and offer  personalized cues and hands on adjustments.  One of the many benefits of privates is that they can be done in the comfort of your home and at times that work best for your schedule.

The cost is $125 for a one-hour private home session.  I offer discounted rates to new mothers, single parents, social workers, child educators and those working in the non-profit sector.




 For about a year now, I have been hosting a small yoga class (4 students) taught by Lea, in my living room.  The class leaves our home with a wonderful energy. I can heartily recommend both partaking in a small class like this and hosting a class.  It’s no work at all and it encourages conversation and connection.  

-Charlotte M.

Enjoy many of the benefits of a one-on-one private home session at a reduced cost and the camaraderie of a small community. Great for couples, friends or neighbors. We can roll up the carpet and turn your living room into a private yoga studio!

  • $85/student for two students
  • $55/student for three students
  • $35/student for up to five students.

I recommend the following props for your home practice (in order of importance):

  • A yoga mat. My favorites are Jade and Manduka.
  • 2 standard size yoga blocks (either cork or dense foam). 
  • A yoga strap. Again, I really like Manduka.
  • These are not required but are great to have and will enable us to do even more: