July 10th Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga Evening

Lea Bender and Katie Down will create a healing, comfortable and welcoming environment for deep listening, stress-reduction, connection, and a sense of well-being that resonates in the body and mind for many hours or even days following the event.

  • WHEN: Friday, July 10th, 2020. 8:00-9:15 pm (est)
  • WHERE: A cozy spot in your home
  • COST: Sliding scale $15-45. Pre-registration is required. 

What is a sound bath?

Sound baths are sonic meditations incorporating a variety of resonant drone instruments such as singing bowls. Our brain waves have frequencies, and during the sound bath our body and mind begin to synchronize with the frequencies of the instruments. During this synchronization, the body’s central nervous system re-calibrates and the energy begins to shift at which point one may experience deep relaxation or an Alpha-Theta brainwave state.

What happens during a Sound Bath/Restorative Yoga evening?

Yoga Instructor Lea Bender will gently guide you through meditation, breath practices and restorative yoga postures designed to relieve stress and deepen inner awareness. Licensed Music Therapist Katie Down will create a live soundscape using a variety of crystal bowls and other instruments that resonate sonic frequencies that will help to calm and balance your nervous system and deepen the meditation and yoga experience that you are guided through. All postures and practices are optional.

How do I prepare for the best sensory experience?

You don’t need to prepare much, but we recommend the following if possible:

  • Settle into a comfortable, quiet, dimly lit space in your home.
  • For the best sonic experience, tune into Zoom from a device with good speakers, or use Bluetooth headphones. Remember to mute your mic.
  • Gather any of these materials that you may have at home:
    • A blanket to cover yourself
    • Several pillows (preferably of varying firmness) to prop up your neck, knees and back in the Restorative postures.
    • Any yoga props you already have at home such as a bolster, blocks or sandbag weights (these are not necessary but could be used to enhance your experience).
    • Anything else that creates a soothing atmosphere for you in your home (a candle, aromatherapy, eye pillow etc).

Pre-registration is required, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Registration closes at 7 pm est on the evening of the event. Questions or need help registering?  Contact Lea at lea@leabenderyoga.com.